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February 17, 2013


Candice Aiston

Super melty. Love it. <3


First off, I can't believe she is half a year old!! They grow far too fast. She is absolutely adorable.
Secondly, the last paragraph has me in tears because I can SO relate and I've only had my little one earthside for a week. I'm glad that this feeling doesn't go away.

Meg Miller

Oh Lucy...I love love love love love the time we get together while mama and daddy are working and Ru is at school. These past months have not been easy on you (or your parents) so we spent A LOT of time snuggle sleeping...but now that your guts are feeling better its PARTY TIME!! You are hilarious...you get that from me. :) I cant believe we have already had six months with you... SIX MONTHS... Oh I want it to slow down... but at the same time its amazing to watch you knock out your milestones and learn new things...

And Korin.. sweet baby jesus...mama you are amazing... Your girls are blessed times a billion to have you and Ryan as parents. I am proud of your commitment to them and for them. There were so many days these past four months I desperately wanted to take away the crap that was going on...you were calm, steady and stood your ground..you are grace under fire and a mama in EVERY WAY. I love you. I love Ryan. I love Ruby. I love Lucy. You are a RAD family and I am stoked to be in your life!!!


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