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June 15, 2012



nameless week old babies are a-ok in my book. ;)


Every time I think of you lately, which is often, I think how nice it is that you are going to have two little girls. So, apparently my vote is a girl. We didn't name Harlow for 7 days, it was awesome.


seen sending you occasional happy gestating thoughts. so happy to know you're all doing well. The Happiest of birthdays to Ms. Ruby and the happiest, most peaceful of births to her momma & new sibling!


So so SO so So happy for you and your family. Wow.


I'm glad to see you are hanging in there. I am 29w2d and I feel the same way about the lack of time. The five year old wants to have some of the attention focused on him but there is still SOOO much to do to get ready for her. Ugg...

Hope things slow down for you and you are able to enjoy a little bit of the last few weeks.

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