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April 10, 2012



Sigh. I'm so sorry Korin. If I were you the hardest part by far would be kicking myself for not seeing into the future. Which of course we can't, but we want to sooo bad. Poor Ru, too. You can tell she was just so confused. But you guys both worked it out. Tears does NOT equal failure! And even if it did, failing is not a bad thing. As Mark Twain said, somethings you can only learn by pulling the cat's tail.


Oh momma. I love you, and I'm so sorry today was a hard one. <3

A Facebook User

Oh Korin <3 Big big hugs. Sanquinetta

Becky FS

I have a similar issue with Joey: he just doesn't want me at school. This is so hard emotionally, not just because I am the only parent in the hallway with a child yelling "I hate you. Go home," but I am grieving the loss of being a helpful parent. I couldn't help with Ian's classes because younger siblings aren't allowed at school. So now is my chance. Hooray for Ms. F. She seems to be the bright spot here. Big hugs, Korin. You are the best mother to Ruby. She may not always understand, but we do!


Just so you know, AUTISM didn't win today. Kids do that shit - I had typically developing kids in my preschool class act the exact same way when their parents showed up for activities (actually I had a love/hate relationship with Parent Involvement Days for that reason).

It's hard when autism is all you know, but I figured it would be nice to know that what happened today is actually totally and completely "every kid".

Love you!


Oh man. I hear you. I'm reading this late, but yesterday, Mother's Day, well..it was a doozie. Hugs.-Megan


I randomly pop over here to check out your blog. I love it here, it feels like home....like my home. We are heading down the path to finding out if our girl is also on the spectrum (I have known in my heart for about 4 years that she is, just no real way to test for it before now) so I came back on over here to see what Ruby has been up to. This post, THIS is my life. She is getting better on coping and "coming back" as we like to say but it doesn't always work. We have the same moments when we just know that we lost and her brain won. I hate that shift from hope to having none, that look that crosses their face that just tells you long before anyone else gets it that she is done for a bit. Sigh, it's hard. It's hard to not be the one to be able to save her from herself sometimes. :(

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