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November 17, 2011



oh wow. full on blubber-face here on duke st. <3

Candice Aiston

Ugly cry over here. <3 Your doctor sounds really nice.


tears... gotta prop the glasses up on top of my head... <3 to you

Karen C.

*sniff sniff* I'm pretty sure they got it, too. {hugs}


Yep. Tears. I've got them.
Much love to you. I'm sorry that we've both had to experience this same pain. And I'm glad to have met you, you've made my infertility journey easier.


What a beautiful idea for a tattoo, Korin.

And wow. I had no idea how long your journey has been. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Wow. What an awesome man. and hauntingly beautiful tattoo. Much love to you my dear friend.


What a touching post. Love the tattoo!


You are so very right fucking on.


Beautiful. Sad, and beautiful.

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