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October 31, 2011



Oh momma. It's ok to be sad. So ok.

I love you.


I love you. You have every right to do what you feel. Shutting out the world for one night, or whatever it might be. I hope big Hope that she will one day want to enjoy this holiday with you. <3


There are many,many more Halloweens yet to come. And many more chances to make costumes for Ruby. I love you!


yeah, i think sadness, and grief, and anger, and whatever... they are all appropriate responses. and i love you for who you are, where you are in your mama-life, and this just sucks. the fact of your devotion and love of who exactly ruby is makes you the mama i most admire and adore, and the fact that you own the places of your own loss are equally important. you are amazing, and i love you. xoxo


I love you.


Your words are so very full of power. Thank you,thank you for writing this. Your path through motherhood deserves your honesty and your community to love you and support you. Sending you so much of both and the humble respect of another mama.

..and yes, there is time ahead and perhaps one day she will want to decorate so many ghost cookies that you get sick on the frosting. Hugs mama.

Floortime Lite Mama

Many many many hugs
I know exactly what you mean

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth

Many, many hugs. And yes you do get to feel all those things because it is hard to miss out on something as a parent. I do hope that there may be a Halloween that you can both participate in, just for you, for fun.

lady pumpkin

I am sad for you that you are having to miss out on something that you so looked forward to and enjoy. But also I am so very grateful to you for all that I learned from reading this post. I'm sure it's exhausting to always be the teacher, but you do it so damn well. When I read about Ruby, and about being Ruby's mama, I become more open-minded and open-hearted and more aware of the vast variety of worlds around me. I hope for more participatory Halloweens for both of you in the near future and send you love and appreciation.


<3 What Celeste Said.


{{Hugs}} to you.

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