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September 06, 2011



Tears and joy for Ruby and Mom and Dad today. Love you all.


I was hoping to spot a blog like this! Congratulations to you all. We had a good send off, too. It's hard to get anything done. I'm just thinking about all our special kids and wishing them a wonderful day. I pick T up at 1:00.


where is T, Megan? Last I heard you were thinking of keeping her out this year. I am happy to hear you had a good send off! these kids rock!


Oh Ruby, you are so AMAZING and I am sooo proud of you on your first day of Kindergarten - so many exciting things to see and do. You are such a sweetheart!!
Love and kisses,


Oh Ruby,
Your first day of kindergarten and Nana wishes she was there to see you go through that door to your future. I'm so proud of you! You can turn the world on with your smile & I know you are going to love school!
Love & Blessings,


Congratulations to Ruby, and to you and Ryan! What a huge milestone for you all. Kindergarten!! How did that happen? Babyhood seems like yesterday! Love you ALL!

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