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June 25, 2011



So super. <3


Warm heart.


I have you in my prayers


i wish we could have caught this one with you and ruby. that was the only movie that the boy was willing to consider :(

we went to see tow mater after you posted some pics and the office people smiled and watched as i snapped pics of kiddo loving on his favorite tow truck. sometimes people rock.


Yea... This makes me smile! :) I am with Bud's Towing and "our" Mater was made by my dad for kids and families alike to enjoy! Ruby, Mater invites you back anytime. He loved your company!

Tyra Shortino

Kids with autism hold a special place in my heart. Their special needs remind me that we all were once kids who were dependent on our parents and the people around us. I love this idea of a sensory-friendly screening at movie theaters.

Ivo Beutler

I've always wanted to see Mater in person. LOL! I like how he is the complete opposite of Lightning McQueen. Maybe that's why he's Lightning's best friend. His personality is totally admirable.

Calvin James

I love Cars! That's such a cute truck. I've always thought it would be so cool to see an actual tow truck made to look like Tow-Mater. That would be so cool! http://www.aaatowingandrecovery.com/services.html

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