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April 02, 2011



This isnt about me, but I sure learned a lot from your so called complaining and that link. I am glad you shared at what must have been a risky feeling place.


Korin, you are entitled to complain, and it doesn't make you any less a superb mama to Ruby. I think lack of sleep alone entitles any parent to complain. My current lack of sleep is self inflicted, because roiling thoughts keep me awake, so I don't get to claim special needs parenting is taxing me overly much. But I sure would if I could!! I don't have readers who have autism, but I have a couple who have CP, and they also read Ellen at Love That Max, who is always inspirational and buoyant and wanting to tell the world that her child with CP is just a great kid. Many of her readers comment frequently about the amazing and heroic nature of their severely affected kids. Every now and then, one of the adults with CP, and maybe a few more on smaller blogs like mine, pipes up to say "please don't make me out to be a hero -then I get one more burden to carry and I am too tired to carry it." I'm not sure my daughter always wants to be the brave little toaster, I even have a blog tag for that. You are not wrong to say this my dear, even on World Autism Day.


It is a good reminder to all of us with NT kids about how much work you do to support your precious Ru. I hope you know how amazing you seem to me, even though I am sure you are not feeling all that amazing some days. Ruby is blessed beyond belief to have you as a mama, because you are so completely honest both with yourself and with the world. How you still have room in your brain, heart, life to love those around you as much as you do is beautiful and unbelievable to me. Hat's off to you mama and giant hugs to Ruby.



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