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January 01, 2011



I don't have any words of wisdom for you. Just that I love you and I'm here. <3 And 2011 needs to bring some joy, that's for damned sure.


2011 will bring joy, or I will strangle it with my bare hands. Love you!


I hope that I only bring the term shitshow into your life, not an actual show of shit.

You set a pretty hard deadline for yourself at 40. Sadly, it arrives in no time, but plenty far away enough to arrange for the baby. The elusive baby number two for you and me.

I love knowing your business. I have only done cranial sacral a couple of times. The first time I did it, didnt really understand what it was. Blew my ever loving mind. Amazing.


Korin, I am thinking positive thoughts about your ovaries for this year. If you come to SLC for any reason, meet up with me and hold my elder daughter, she is a fertility goddess and holding her brings luck to women who are trying to conceive. I got pregnant with my Hannah at 40, probably because I was crazy to think I had the energy to have two kids later in life, but I have a friend who is five years older and decided she needed to add to her family and so they used an egg donor for IVF and her twins are now in my day care, she is also demented, but happy. I hope whatever path you take leads you to a baby, but if it doesn't I hope your healing is speedy and complete. This shit is hard. Be good to yourself. Despite not really "knowing" you I know you are worthy of self love and I am rooting for you. Damn, that last sentence sound much dirtier than I meant it to but I need to go to bed and not try to fix it. Ovarian energy coming your way.

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