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January 11, 2011



sweet, sweet mama. i love you.


even 'normal' kids get all thrown off their routines whenever they hit a big leap in development. i would bet ruby is cogitating about potty learning, and that's her process. hopefully that was the worst of the nighttime processing and you'll get some better sleep in the next few days! look, she did it today!! :) super exciting


Beautiful as always momma. You consistently amaze me. But more, you inspire me. Thank you...


<3 Tough times, mama. We're having tough times here since I've been weaning Amelia. She doesn't take kindly to the idea, but I need my sanity. Hearing wailing in my ear at 3AM doesn't make for much sanity... but gotta have the faith that it'll happen, eventually.


I was here. I sent you sleep in my mind, but forgot to tell you....

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