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January 26, 2011



God you're amazing.

And how the hell (no, autocorrect, I didn't mean he'll) are they almost FIVE? That's so much bigger than four, for real.

Leticia Mout

Oh MY! Kindergarten, Such an exciting time to be FIVE!
Ruby, you will be in the perfect place for you. We are all so proud of how fast you are growing and how much you are learning.
This spring you will blossom just like those bulbs that are peeking out of this wonderful earth and delight the world just like you always do. Love, Nana


i love the last swirly photo. i, too, am completely amazed that our girls will soon be FIVE. wishing you the best in navigating PPS. i have no doubt that you will get ruby exactly what she needs... xo


Love this!

lady pumpkin

Beautiful. And that Sarah Mclachlan version of Blackbird is just breathtakingly lovely, isn't it?


I am so in love with these love letters to Ru. And you know I'm right there with you screaming "go get 'em" when it comes to your IEP stuff. You are without a doubt one of the best Mommas I know.



I am friends with Kim and she told me that I had to come over for a "visit". I love it here, this is amazing and deep and real and so similar to my "normal". We are not dealing with Autism but my daughter has Down syndrome and sensory issues and soooo much of what you say pertains to us. Blackbirds...SOB! Love that movie too. Nice to "meet" you.
Feel free to pop over and visit us too.


So many good thoughts coming your way.


My eldest is almost five also, at the end of April, and it is indeed a magical age. You are a Mama Bear, and I have absolute faith that you will do everything necessary to get Ruby the best situation you can. I find it a bit daunting and Claire is not my special needs child, I just want to give her everything I can without considering whether it will be the right place for Hannah to follow, and yet, I really want them going the same place as much as possible, because, obviously, how do working moms move the kids around all the time? And our public schools here are generally not full day for kindergarten. So I am confused myself and of little help to you, but glad you go through school choice at the same time as me so I can follow your lead!


how lovely to read this
how you love your kiddo

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