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December 29, 2010



Oh Momma. That last paragraph tore my heart out. You are such an amazing mother. I know you struggle with the challenges of autism, and I wouldn't expect you not to. But I love how you see the beauty in it, and how you know it makes your Ruby the magic that she is. But it also makes you the magic that you are, and I hope you see that too.



"All done" over and over breaks my heart too. Trying to help her find her words and watching her struggle. Just take a momma's heart out with a rusty spoon.

Thanks for sharing all this. I hope I can say the right things and support you the way you deserve to be supported.


Uh... I got a little clumsy on the other site. I was looking for the area to send a personal note before submitting the request. Give you the chance to opt out.

I fear I may have over stepped my bounds... but I think I see you out in the real world??

Oh geeze, I just violated all that is holy in the blog world. Forgive me. I just want me some more Ruby pictures!


I think you will laugh. If you dont, just ignore it and we will act like it never happened. That is why my comment is here, not on your new post!


FYI, I post my blog on FB, I'm out. which is why i don't post IF specifics on my blog :)

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