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December 21, 2010



yep. what she said! love you!

Megan D

What are your favorite songs of theirs? Say top 10?

Deb @ Green V-Neck

OHHH, girl, I think we have talked about this before, but Amy and Emily (their voices, anyway) feel like family to me, like worn flannel pajamas and moonlight and tears and giggles and everything. Every moment of my life since I was a teenager has been lived to their lyrics and music. My kids could hum along with IG songs before they could talk, there is nothing I can think of, no situation, where I wouldn't be able to come up with one of their songs to illustrate it. LOVE.

Deb @ Green V-Neck

Oh, wow, I just watched that video for the first time in years and am all teary seeing their baby faces. That baby in the video, the one carried by its mom, behind Amy & Emily, but kind of between them, when they are in a group walking, I always wondered if she knew, when she grew up, that she was in an Indigo Girls video.


I could listen to them overandoverandover when I first found them. I would onlystop listening to them for some REM.

Ah, to be young again.


We should meet sometime, K. Not just because of the A word. Not just cause we both think 2010 should go suck it. But for some reason, earlier this year, after my husband bought me an ipod and put IG on it, I found myself listening to them. The first time in over a decade. Recently he would come into our room. "You listening to Indigo Girls again?" "Oh, no" I'd lie, and wipe my tears. Awh Jeeze!

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