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November 02, 2010



Love that you're doing NaBloPoMo. I totally thought I was, until I realized I missed yesterday. LOL.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ruby is having such a great time. And I'd be melting down if you drove me to three beaches before letting me go swimming, don't kid yourself. (PS, McDonalds french fries fix just about anything for me too).

I'd love to win the lottery with you and live on the beach. Long term plan? And I hope Ryan's head is doing better!


He's fine :) he's got a hard head, and it wasn't a heavy rock.
I've already picked out my lottery winnings house. It will have a guest cottage that will be free for all my friends to use!


You know, I can totally see Shira throwing a rock at someone and she's neuro-typical. LOL

Glad Ryan has a hard head!


Water heals, and even if it's momentary, I'm so happy that you've all found a little bit of peace in paradise. As far as Nablo blah blah, I just cant this year lol. I didnt even realize it was upon us until K said yesterday "Hey, it's Nablo….." Is there such thing as a Na blo po every other day? lol ;)

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