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October 11, 2010



Oh my friend. I wish it was that post and not this one. You deserve so much more than this post. So much more. My heart is broken for you.

I do love that you're doing the 30 days. I'm looking forward to learning more about you.


Suckage to the nth degree. You do deserve for this to be THAT post. I'm holding out hope that one day soon, you will be writing 'that' post. Until then, I'll be here to listen and if nothing else, entertain you through the tears. I love you, and I'll be doing the 30 days with both of you. Probably starting Friday. xo


I'm sorry Korin. I wish you could tell us you were pregnant too.
What is 30 days of truth?


Oh i just saw the link. That's really cool. I miss those surveys/notes on facebooks. I wonder why everyone suddenly stopped doing them....

Heather J

I am so, so sorry that this is the post. I'll do the 30 days of truth with you, I'll send you the link to the blog I started. Much, MUCH love to you. I'll see you tomorrow online, hon. <3


Does that mean you'll do it?


Oh no. I can't release all my secrets into the world. It would be like Pandora's box with the demons. Maybe I'll do it privately like Lyn. I think about having a blog sometimes
but I get overwhemed with worrying about privacy settings and never set it up.


I so deeply wish that this was that post. I will do the 30 days privately. Enjoy your sun and love filled days sweetie. xoxo <3 sending you and Ryan much love. <3


Oh that means you should. :)


Damn, I wanted the other post. But I just remembered this important lesson I learned watching Galzxy Quest. Never give up, never surrender. I'll do 30 days of truth if it will help your fertility. By the way, have you any reason to come to Salt Lake City, you know, a professional conference, or something? My Claire is a small fertility diety - she has been held very briefly by folks who are TTC and three couples got pregnant shortly threafter. This is no more strange than burying a saint upside down and backwards in your yard to sell your house - magical thinking sometimes works. If you are gonna be close, let me know. And, I wish you peace.


oh no darling
how I wish this was that other post
many hugs

Sarah Barker

I so wish this was that post, friend. I love you so very much.

Lesley Morris

I'm sorry Korin, that sucks. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch a lot lately, but I've been thinking of you. I'm glad you have an awesome vacation to look forward to. Love you.


this sucks great big goat balls.

on the upside, those margaritas on the beach are going to be KILLER.

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