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October 18, 2010



Spirit babies. Good lord... I thought my head would actually explode that night.


Lord. Me too. They are looking through a book, looking for the right parent. IT'S JUST NOT YOU. awesome. thx.


Really high on my list of pet peeves are when people try to say something to be kind or to relate, but really just need to say, "I'm sorry," or "That sucks." Two words sentences are fine. Hugs work, too. I'm really sorry you have been faced with this so much.


*rips out reproductive organs*
*puts them in a cooler*
*ties a shiny red ribbon around it*
*gives it to Korin*

I wish it worked that way. Sorry, friend. :/

As for the 30 days of truth... I read the list and I cannot do it. Not now; maybe later. I appreciate your honesty and openness!



Yes. I'm sorry would be better than so many things that get said. It's really not that hard.

I'm with you. So with you.

Hugs my friend. Many, many, hugs.


People are thoughtless, clueless and well, just less then kind. I have so much to say and yet, cant find the perfect words. Wrapping my gigantic bear arms around you and telling the insensitive biatches to eff off for a bit.



"hmmm perfectly normal parents who will love and support me OR crackheads??"

Crackheads are the winner!
Go spirit babies!!


I'm sure you meant this in a loving way because you want your friend to have what you have and for her life to be easier, but comments like this read to us as "here, just borrow my perfect reproductive organs, cuz obviously yours suck". Infertile women don't want *your* organs, we want our own (or our husband's) to work, and no amount of pity will make it so, unfortunately.


:( Sorry, I never know what to say. My knees suck and if someone offered me their healthy knees I would smile, but I guess this is probably totally different.


There are days when I would take you up on that. LOL Not everyone would be offended or hurt by this.


Oh...my. I remember that. So bad.....very. very. bad.


I guess you have to know your audience. I've had people offer me their ovaries, uterus, husbands sperm... And it's bizarre. I mean, a kidney, that's one thing. But by offering reproductive organs, you're offering up your potential offspring. Not a light thing, you know?
As Adina says below, some people may not feel hurt by a comment like that. I first read it and cringed, as I remembered past offerings, and then i thought about how kind and sweet you are and I know you don't mean to say "hey you suck old lady! That's just my my own shit.
Life is a fucking minefield.

Heather J

Much much love, k.


two more pregnancy announcements today and i could have written this post.

aren't you lucky, with your spirit babies and whatnot?

i envision the people talking about the spirit babies driving around in a kidnapper van with indian paintings and airbrushings on the windows.

but man, never thought about forgiving other people for it.


Lesley Morris

I love you Korin. And I so appreciate that you can still love me. You're an amazing woman.


It's pretty easy to love you, Lesley. YOu are one of the most compassionate supportive friends. you are an admirable friend!

Lesley Morris

Thank you sweets, that brought tears to my eyes. I so wish I could see you in person and give you and Ru big hugs.

K Floortime Lite Mama

My heart aches for you Korin

Sarah Barker

I'm so sorry for any insensitive, jackass comment I may have made over the last 4+ years. I hope you know how much I love you and am rooting for you.


I love you sweet friend! I think there must be a picture of me with a line through it in spirit baby world.


Oh my god, Danielle. That made me almost choke on my coffee. Indeed, I think the spirit baby world had a thing for you. thankfully you beat them back with tenacity and heart and have two way better than spirit babies.


God. Cringe. I'm sure I've been insensitive 10000042 ways. If I am on your list of people to forgive, I'm glad you will. And I love you, lady, even though I am often a classifiable idiot.

MJ Schrader

spirit babies... I don't know if I should vomit or cry.
While that is not the term I've heard, I have heard similar. Years ago I was pregnant, I lost the baby. Then became divorced, there was not a guy I would trust as a father. My friend with 6 children, 3 divorces, tells me "Well you like being alone" Another mom tells me just "pick up" a sperm donor at a bar. "Maybe kids aren't for you." or "you are better off without children"
And in the news you see people throwing away children or locking them in a room...

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