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October 12, 2010


Heather J

Stupid dermis.


I wont offer answers, just an extra set of hands to scratch your ass lol

Megan D

But have you tried....



Yes, you've tried everything from the outside. Have you tried to change something on the inside? Symptoms are just a sign that something is wrong. Going after the symptoms might not be enough. Sometimes we need to look for what is creating these symptoms by looking at some aspects of our life and asking ourselves a different kind of questions : How do these symptoms make me feel? How does that benefit me at that moment? Who would I need to be for those symptoms not to come back?

Our body is trying to adapt to a changing environnment. A disease is just the way the body can express itself.

I had eczema. It was closely related to some frustration. I also tried everything, from creams to magic healers, but it was always coming back. When I took care of it by expressing myself more, being more authentic with myself, the eczema went away on its own, never to return again... It was hard work, but totally worth it.

Just a thought...


My skin. I'm so with you on that. I still break out like a 14 year old. All. The. Time. The only benefit is people still think I'm really young. HA.

No advice. I suppose we could cloak ourselves and walk around like we're incognito movie stars for awhile, though, that could be fun. :)

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