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September 03, 2010



I'm bawling like a baby over here.


I'm with Candice and passing tissue. That's beautiful! :)

K Floortime lite mama

That is such a lovely story !!

Leticia Mout

And Ruby, when the rest of the family met your daddy, We all fell in love with him too!
Love, Nana


Indeed, that was lovely and romantic.


Sweet story!!
I had a similar KNEW IT experience with Doug (the same summer). I had actually met him the summer before at my summer job and we went out to lunch once. We were both dating someone though. The next summer (1995) I was so happy when I walked into the summer job again and saw him in the elevator that first morning. We hung out just about every single day that summer and moved in together that August. We'd only been a couple for ~5 weeks but I KNEW he was the one. And here we are 15 years later :)
I'm kind of blown away that we are old enough to have been together for that long!! ha


Awww.....so sweet!!! Love it.


That's just lovely, K. Just the right amount of super sweetness!!!!


I love your story. That too is how I felt when I met my hubby. ;)

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