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August 21, 2010


Jen Harris

Sounds to me like you gave yourself exactly what you needed at this moment.


Beautiful writing and reflecting, Korin. I have a similar pathology. I think it's an epidemic, actually.

Peace to you on this day of retreating . . .

I especially like this line:
"I am the worst sort of underachieving overachiever."



you are quite simply, amazing.

Green  V-Neck

So profound. I often feel the same way, that I am not doing enough, am not enough. Lately I have been running a hot bath in the evening and just lying in the tub, eyes closed, light off, glass of wine at hand. It's a little bit of magic. XO.


You, are enough, and deserve, to treat yourself, as well as you treat those around you. We love you, I think you should love you too :) xxooo


You know the old saying? "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." That's how I feel. Not in a crazy way, but in a "what the hell is going on in there...wow, I should check in with myself more!" kind of way. I did much the same while in Santa Fe. I looked forward to several days alone, time to have quiet and think. I found myself, instead, working, chatting, and not taking the few moments with myself. Hard habits to break, they are.


<3 you much


wow- sounds like you accomplished all that you set out to. Thank you for getting it down and for sharing it, as we help to "hold this sacred space" for you to simply be, just as you are, enough.

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