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August 15, 2010



Excited and terrified right alongside you. Cheering you on every step of the way.

Sarah Barker

I'm in 100% agreement with Kim, and I'll be praying for you every one of those days.


i think i'll stop my prayer haitus now, just for you. :) xo


sending you strength for your journey.




I'm glad you are taking this vacation. And I hope you will turn everything off. Including your brain. And I hope you will just BE.

Sending you everything: thoughts, prayers and good vibes.


this is some amazing writing mama.

YOU are an amazing mama.

Prayers, chants, candles lit and an altar all in the name of Your Highest Best Outcome in the next year.

I feel soso so excited and afraid FOR you, can't imagine how YOU must be feeling...thanks for sharing as much as you b/c I really want to support you. So feeling the love though for you Miss Fairy Princess Pithia <3


Cheering you on, tending the flame of hope and calling on grace and mercy that this time around it will be easier and that your dream comes true, please oh please.


Yeah, I'm with them, cheering, but eff it. I'm also going to be lighting shit on fire, doing naked rain dances (for no one but you), and clanging on all metal shiny things. If you think climbing that mountain in Tibet will help, I'm all over that too. I love you. M


Praying for you...:)


Much love and good vibes your way K. I am hoping for you with all my heart.


Just want you to know I love you. I don't say it enough or see you enough, but...MWAH! Have a LOVELY, SERENE, PEACEFULLLLLLLL weekend loving on your bad self.

K Floortime lite mama

I lovd your post

Many many many hugs

hope you have a marvelous time by yourself

Sending you and your little one many healing and positive vibes

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