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July 12, 2010



I am so happy that Ruby is in a much more positive environment. Zoe


K, this is so wonderful!! (guarded, though it may be)

I had no idea of what had developed over the past week! It's crazy to be so far away, even in communication. Miss you and am so relieved things went better. It sounds like a wonderful classroom. <3


<3 so glad today's vist was better than last week's!


I'm crossing my fingers for you and Ruby in this new situation! It is hard... you are strong and intelligent for seeking just what Ruby needs, amid your perfectly warranted anxiety! I have a hard time with the idea of leaving Maddy at school for hours, and she's an older, completely socially adjusted (more than me!) normal-developing kid. I'm trying to navigate this whole school situation myself since she's been asking for it.


I've been away for a few days, what a lovely update to return to! it sounds like a very friendly school. I'm still appauled at the goings-on at the other school, hopefully this experience for Ruby will be worth the schedule juggling for mama! xoxo LOL.

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