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July 29, 2010



A money shooting ass! I want one! Because I love hippotherapy and of course my insurance company doesn't. I don't know much about what comes after Early Intervention ends, so I'll be watching here to see how you do. And giving tips on the money shooting ass, once I work that out myself. Is it possible to knit money?


Yes! Keep doing it as much as you can for as long as you can, strong friend. I am so thankful that we threw money at Mooner and Lanny as long as we did. Of course, I only wish we could still be doing it!


I'm happy you have mvcs in your life. I looked into it and really loved the email correspondence with the owner. We ended up at New Day for the last year of preschool.

Did I tell you about my friend Sarah Lu's in home preschool? She's in SE on 50th near Franklin h.s. She's a rock star preschool teacher. Could be worth a visit.

I don't know if you know that all the PPS staff cuts are special ed teachers. A lot of shuffling around is going on. So sad. Indigo's 1st grade teacher used to be a special ed teacher and now she'll be teaching a 1st/2nd split. I imagine it's the creative solution to keep her on staff. I know one of the speech therapists at our school and she told me about some of what is going on. Increase in case loads is probably coming soon.


I hope you find the perfect place for your girl. If money starts shooting out your ass, maybe you could lean my way and give a little fart...

I teach in the learning center in a K-8 in PPS. Last year we had 1.5 SLP, 1.5 special ed teachers and a full time aide. Next year, with a bigger school population we will have 1 slp, 1 teacher and no aide. I am terrified.


is your ass producing money yet?

i second carol's recommendation of sarah lu-- tulip tree is the name of her new school. she was adah's preschool teacher last year @ trillium, and very much meets kids where they're at. she's loving and totally lets the kids explore at their own pace.

this navigation of pps, etc. is another full-time job. phew. get 'em, mama!

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