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July 20, 2010



Oh Momma. Nothing but hugs...lots of hugs and then lots more.


I'll keep telling you she's awesome. And you're awesome. And I love you both. Very very much. Be sad if that's how you feel, and we'll all still be here adoring you both. xxxoooo


I love you. And Ruby has a smile that is pure joy.


More hugs from over here. And wine and cheese and chocolate.

Amy Watson

You have such a gift for writing and expressing your raw and deep emotions--both the positive and negative. And you combine that with your honesty and courage to share it with us in a way that helps us understand on a level we never would have otherwise. I love you both. Truly. Keep telling your story. I'm honored to be a small part of your journey.


Kfloortime Lite Mama

mega mega mega hugs

Sarah Barker

I love you and think about you and your beautiful girl daily.


ove your honesty and candor and that beautiful family of yours...

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