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July 06, 2010



Wow. It sounds like Mrs. B has no business working with special needs children, or... well, people. I'm so sorry you had to deal with her at all. Here's hoping something better comes along for Miss Ru.


I know your pain, lady. Our experience in the PA counterpart to this school, was uncomfortable in many of the same ways. In a lot of ways I was very happy that the choice was such an easy one. Love to you both.


Sounds like Mrs. B is more concerned with being "right" and making kids be "right" than actually connecting and growing together. It's really too bad that there's no enjoyment from either her perspective or the kids. What's going on in teacher training these days? Her approach just seems really antiquated, and not special-needs appropriate at all.


Shit! This story is not giving me a lot of confidence in the public school preschool for SN kids system. I'm sorry!


In my "past life" before I had my own kids, I worked with kids with autism. I worked in the private sector, but ended up working in (and observing) a number of classrooms in Portland Public, mostly supportive integrated (which is what this one sounds like?). I wish I could say your experience was unusual. So sorry you had to deal with this. There really is no excuse for it. They've already been sued so many times you'd think they'd get it less wrong. I'll spare you the horror stories.

Heather J

Even D's Kindergarten teacher connected more with the kids in class, and they're 2+ yrs older and aren't integrated. I'm sorry it didn't work out, and sorry for the kids stuck in the class. I hope talking to the supervisor can make things a little better for all of them, and I hope you guys can find a good fit for her but am glad you have options if you don't.


I am crying at your post Korin
Glad you pulled her
This one shows how little she knows
"She said that when a kid had a meltdown, they would have to sit outside the circle, because what they all really wanted was to be IN the circle so they would straighten up really quick"
Most of all the kid with the helmet story just breaks my heart
Please do put in a written complaint against her


I am crying, too, and sending you my love and support.


Wow, K. I'm sorry you and Ru had to spend the morning there. Hopefully you;ll find something amazing quickly.

I'm not a teacher and my girls aren't special needs, but that crap with the circle would just make them scream more. In meltdown mode, kids don't really care about being in the circle.


Damn skippy. Glad you left. What a freakin' nightmare.


No good. Poor kiddos stuck with that teacher. Ugh. Here's wishing you huge success with finding a much better fit. xoxo


I can't believe that the teacher had the gall to behave that way in front of parents. She should be incredibly ashamed of herself. You are a wonderful Momma and your actions on behalf of your daughter as well as the entire class of kids will pay off for them. Glad she enjoyed her day back at her regular preschool...


Wow. Wow. You've been THROUGH IT.

Do me a favor, and tell the director of your experience. Do it for every single stinking aide who would make a better teacher than the classroom teacher, and every child who is made to feel like crap.

I am going to be an autism interventionist when the kids go back to school...everything that woman did was what you are NOT supposed to do.


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