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July 25, 2010



Sweeter then ever. Love you both! xxoooo


I love, Love, LOVE your letters to Ruby!
Ruby, you were SO worth waiting for! I can't believe another month has gone by. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Love, Nana


This is really sweet and so full of love. Tears again. I have lots of thoughts, but I'm just gonna try my best to listen, to receive this wisdom. You're a rock star mama.


You are indeed wise, Mamazen. I'm glad Ruby got you, so she got someone who can hear her.


what a loving lovely mama your little girl has


Beautiful letter, Korin xoxo

Amy Watson

Love love love this. :)


Hey. YOU kick butt, and so does Ruby. Dig out the video camera or whatever the kids call it these days, because if she has such an intrinsic calling for it now, I bet we are going to see her on a larger stage later. Love you both.

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