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May 01, 2010



I love you and I am here for you, in whatever way you need me to be.


hugs mama


Just know that while you're in this place, you are surrounded by a community of women who absolutely adore, love and respect you and your family - and are sending you healing energy for you to utilize whenever you need it. Take your time choosing your path (keeping in mind that you can change paths whenever you think it makes more sense!!). Love you!!


All I can add to that is I LOVE YOU so very very much! I'm always here for you. I will support you in whatever path you take and wherever your heart leads you. Always, Your loving Mama


love to you!


Sitting with you and being.

Much love, always.



This is a profound thought, Korin, and I think you nailed it. Being the warrior removes you from the quiet moments that can be the scariest, and indeed the most overwhelming. You are surrounded by love and support, and I sincerely hope you feel this when you are still.


I wish I had something meaningful to say other than I agree with what everyone else has written....you are an amazing woman. <3


try and rest, mama. heart you, heart you.


Hang in there, my dear, and as you said, just be.


You are surrounded by love. Much, much love.

Kfloortime Lite Mama

Many many many many hugs
Sometimes when I am in the situation where all things combine... its just overwhelming
Added your blog to my list - glad I found u


I'm a bit late... but {{Hugs}} to you just the same.

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