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May 24, 2010


Nichol Miller

I love reading your letters to Ruby. They are so precious and heart warming. I am blessed to have the honor to share this window into your lives and please know that I'm cheering you all on. Each step, each milestone, each accomplishment, each "really big deal" I'm clapping my hands and tearing up with joy for your sweet Ruby.
All my love,
PS: Did you make the red and brown sweater she has on in the last 2 pictures? If so which pattern is that?

Katherine Corder

ahh, korin... mother's love... you articulate it so beautifully! i enjoyed reading every word... and the photos are perfect!

way to capture the feelings of the moments and milestones... and then share them with us... thank you!

and man, i really wish i could see her sing to Wicked!



She's getting so big. Adorable pictures!!


I can't believe she's almost four! Love the pictures, especially the double ice cream cones.


she is so cute and so beautiful
I love the intelligence and the babiness of her face
And boy she is doing sooo welll

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