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March 07, 2010



My Abuela used to say, "As long as you're down there on your knees in the garden,throw up a prayer!" I sent up lots of pleading prayers over my many years of gardening, for oh, so many reasons... & there have been many failed plantings. Yes, even zucchini! Keep faith in your fertile heart. Till all your many blessings into that soil and when you're down there on your knees planting your veggies,don't forget to send up a prayer of thanksgiving for all your blessings.
I love you!


It's not just you... June was too cold last year, nobody could grow anything. Don't take it personally!! Love you!


I failed at tomato plants last year, which is a sin in Utah. If you don't get zukes I'll mail you some on August 15th, or whatever it is - the "leave zucchini on your neighbor's porch day" that always comes around with the bounty of the season. And my daughter Claire is a fertility deity, people who hold her get pregnant (it even worked for a dad who held her the day before the honeymoon) so if you are near us, rub your hands on the head of the lucky redhead. Three families think it worked.


miss you

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