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February 28, 2010



Don't forget... the magic word to get WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR YOUR KID from public school.... "advocate".

This was a great post, love. (((HUGS))))


This is a very moving, awesome post. It IS a different picture, different perspective. And you guys are so perfectly going to incorporate this new reality into the bright, loving world of your home. MWAH!


You follow your heart and wait to see where it takes you. I firmly believe autism is a path of choices and you do what is best at the time and wait to see where it takes you. In this journey we can walk together and even though its a challenge I couldn't think of a stronger mama to walk with. xoxoxo


Korin, I was surprised to see a recent facebook note about autism, so I went hunting in your blog to find the story. Your daughter has the most important thing that any child could hope for -- a parent with open eyes who is a strong advocate. She's lucky to have you. xo

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