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February 18, 2010



This was a great post. Am I a crappy friend to add this link:

Love you, K. I stand in the wings on this one, but am curious to see where it takes you.


Thank you for this post, it touches on a lot of what I've been thinking about recently - the pull to start practicing my religion again and the awkwardness of feeling that I don't fit in. Every year at this time I focus on *doing* something for Lent that will make the world around me a better place or me a better person. A priest at my old grade school explained that this was a better focus for Lent rather than self deprivation and I've always loved him for this wonderful idea.

I wish you much joy and fulfillment in your journey.


My heart will be with you on your Lenten Journey.
May Love & Blessings carry you through. MOM


I can relate to this soooo well! I could have written this. I grew up Catholic and actually was part of a wonderful spiritual community through the campus ministry at college, but in the end I didn't really believe in the main points of it. I just craved the spiritual connection with the divine and other humans. And the ritual. I really love the ritual of the mass. The incense, the costumes, the chants, communion. I love that! Dan and I (both fallen away Catholics) once tried a Unitarian church. I like their open minded, everything goes philosophy, but the service just fell flat for both of us. It just felt so SECULAR. If you find the place you belong, I'd love to hear.

I have to add, that while going through infertility I actually said a Novena and carried a St Gerard medal in my pocket everywhere I went.
I would have done ANYTHING. And well, it worked...


I read this the other day and have been thinking on it.

I love your honesty and know you will find what you are looking for, if you look with an open heart.

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