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January 30, 2010



I didnt want to comment on this on FB. I love you and I love that you continue to know that you're not ready to give up. I wish we knew the same. We know nothing except that it changes every day. You're right, there's no pain like it in the world and only those of us who have seen those little blastos and gone through it, know. I wish I had a baby to give you. I hope like hell that this is the year for you and Ryan. Lots of love. -M

Leigh-ann Taylor

I don't often comment, but I want to say that I am so very sorry for your pain. I am saying prayers for hope and comfort for you.



I wish.....oh how I wish for you Korin. Sending lots of love to you and your aching heart. Yesterday I "came out" to a group and had a well intentioned person tell me that the supplements he sells have solved 3 people's infertility problems. Sigh. My heart went out to all the infertiles he'll now be approaching while knowing not a damn thing about infertility.


Hi Korin. I feel your pain. We've been struggling with infertility for 6 years. I have to say, though, adoption is wonderful and I can't imagine feeling any different about a child because it did or didn't grow in my very own uterus. We're exploring expanding our family too, and are daunted by the cost of domestic adoption (our first adoption was through the foster system and therefore free). I'm also seeing an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility who has a good success rate, especially with couples doing IVF. Sigh. Wanna have coffee?


I remember those bed rest days so vividly, along with the heartbreak that followed. My deepest wish is that you may find profound healing from this grief, and that whatever emerges finally feels peaceful to you both. I know you're on the path, and you know I'm here to support you.

Sarah Barker

Still wishing for you, Korin.

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