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December 20, 2009



Absolutely beautiful.


Thank you Kori, for your eloquent words. Every student should have such a teacher just once in their life. I feel blessed to have had him influencing all of you in such a profound way.
Thank you Bob Nygaard!!!


Perfect. Thank you for saying so beautifully how so many of us feel.


Beautiful words! I couldn't agree more! Thank you for that! And Thank you Mr. Nygaard!


this was AWESOME to read! What a wise and wonderful and caring teacher ... and what a beautiful tribute this post is.


YES YES YES!!!!! I remember all of that, & know what? I get to relive it with my oldest daughter now. & I still LOVE IT!!! Someday I hope Ruby can give that to you as well!!! It is awesome, that is for sure!!!!!


what a beautiful tribute to one of those rare and amazing teachers that truly connect and impact. sorry for your loss and thanks, korin, for sharing:)

Sarah Barker

Ugh. I miss band too, for all the reasons you mentioned and for the pride that brought my dad to tears during almost every show.

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