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December 08, 2009



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 beautiful!


a beautiful post... enjoy the rest of your vacation!

ps - your squares arrived safely in minnesota yesterday, thank you thank you again! your generosity has made *my* day!


To know that Ruby is happy and that you are feeling a healing process makes your Mama verry happy! Love you!


I'm so glad you're finding some healing. You've had a really tough (for lack of a better word) year. Hugs to you.


I'm so happy for you. Soak in the nurturing, loving, healing power of mother ocean as much as you can mama. Enjoy the laughter and delight of that beautiful little girl. Know that you are loved, and have most definitely earned this respite.


I'm so glad you are bypassing our crazy cold week with some good warm healing time for you and your family. What great energy to carry into a new year!


i can hear the healing in your written words. so happy for you all. <3
sending you continuing healing and peace, sweet & sassy friend... :)


and cue more crying from your best friend. i love you guys so much. let's all move to a warm, beachy place. wouldn't that be a dream come true!

Sarah Barker

I am so happy to hear you so happy, Korin. Soak it all up, babe. You totally deserve it.

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