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November 07, 2009



I am thankful for you!
And for Ryan & for our wonderful blessing we call RUBY! I love you!, Mom


I keep hoping for the Tertia factor!
May we all have the family we dream of.
Love and hugs



Lots of love and hugs comin' your way. This year... man, it was hard for a lot of us, huh?

I'll say that the think I'm most grateful for in my life, is the discovery of hope for my respiratory health, and the second thing I'm most grateful for is that my husband finally found a job! Yay! I agree, it's hard to find the grace in small things sometimes, but when you do, it's enough to get you through the hard times, 'non?

2010 is going to kick ass! Yes. Yes it is! Because Hedy said so! Ha ha!

<3, Moi.


Oh Korin,
This touched me so much. Thanks for posting. Our situations may be a bit different, but totally understand...actually have been addressing this very issue with my own therapist lately. On top of the existing issues, my body has decided go wonky. Arg!
It's hard to let go, it's hard to grieve even if people tell you it's just an idea and not a reality. But your body and your heart can so easily override "logic" and loss is still loss.
Thank you again for sharing.

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