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November 22, 2009


anna kiss

I have Facebook up all day if I'm at home and online. I just leave it there and I'll check it as a pause in whatever I'm doing. It's a little like the word "um." It's a time to search for what I need to do next, a space to follow a trail through my neural pathways to the next thing I was thinking of. I think it's a bit that since I multitask - especially being a woman and a mother - that I need to multitask in a way, that I've been programmed for it and thus think better that way. Odd logic, but it rings true for me.

As for loving it, I like to think up cryptic status updates. One article I read talked about how Facebook creates an "ambient awareness" which gives an illusion of connectedness in a world where we hunger for community. For me, in lieu of having community with me in my home, I can remain connected to my outer community whilst I do the things I gotta do in this nuclear household.

Which is also what I hate about Facebook - I think that it's a distraction from what's really needed. What we really need is meaningful interaction - which, most certainly for us mama types, includes a participation in the mundane, the necessary, the boring drudgery of supporting existence. Facebook is a little like "Value added" to our already meaningless lives: pouring saccharine in the wound of want.

In the end I know it's a sorry substitute, but it's all I got.


I hate that it interferes with work. I get sucked in and can't leave. Next thing you know it's been hours and I still don't have anything done.

I love it for all the same reasons you mention. I love being able to connect with people that you would otherwise not have time to get a hold of, just to say hi.

I love it. I hate it. I'm sticking with it ;)


mostly love it. sometimes hate the asshats. sad but also glad that is a somewhat consistent way for me to see what's up with my sibs.


Ready for TMI...... because it gives me something to read when I get a quiet few minutes in the bathroom... alone ;-)

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