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March 12, 2009



Some days are like that. I was beating myself up about it a couple weeks ago - you know when we were recovering from pneumonia? LOL Telling myself that B would never want to read a book 'cause TV was easier. And it is. But it is also storytelling in a way I can't do it. I can read her the same stories, but she isn't quite at the stage where she wants to hear them all the time, or pay attention through mama reading all the words. So, for now, it is okay. I think as she gets more interested in the sounds of my voice reading her stories (which is already starting to happen) we will be able to decrease the tv usage. But some days (today was one for me too - super tired at 3pm couldn't focus on anything without nearly drifting off) the movie saves the day.

No one's brain is rotting. I think they are both doing just fine. :)


if it's any consolation, I was raised by the tv COMPLETELY, and I LOVE to read. I read happily, instead of watching tv, now as an adult.

As a child my mom read to me often, and she did a lot of other nice things like museums from time to time, but there was A LOT of TV at our house, all day long. It never went off, till everyone was asleep, and even then, sometimes it was still on.


not that i'm saying it was right, because I'm not the biggest fan of the tv, either, but that you shouldn't feel so bad about using it to help you once in a while.


Kids are just like us, and whenever I wonder about TV or anything else, I just think, What would I do for myself? And I am not a huge tv person, but when I am sick, or there's really rotten weather, all I want to do all day is veg. So no, there is abso-freaking-lutely nothing wrong with a TV day when your kid is too sick/pooped/etc to be interested in anything else!! Thank God for it, I say!!

(Meanwhile, I watched plenty of TV when I was kid and I was reading by 3. You have nothing to worry about.)


You are not alone!

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