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June 06, 2008



Ru is very lucky to have such an amazing mama. Kudos to you for such a great realization. I hope you had a great weekend!


I hear you. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is not the terrible twos, it is the terrible thirties. So then I slow down and listen more. Hugs.


You're on the right track, mama. I could hear the shift, and almost the relief, when you were able to identify the pressing need and make a shift to accommodate. It seems like parenting is always about this - the ability of the parent(s) to re-form themselves to fit their children's needs. It's amazing to see someone who is committed to doing it. You're amazing!


Ditto. It's so easy to get caught up with daily tasks...and then realize that someone needs your attention and giving them that. It's not always easy to let things go. You will find your rhythm. Its so amazing to me that you recognize that and are making the shift. XO


I feel the same. Max has suddenly shifted to needy and clingy and cranky but luckily he does nap and he is only 18 months so I can only imagine was 2 is going to be like. But I do know the feeling of being at the end of the rope. I too needed to start breathing and taking a moment to just accept that this little person is frustrated. Poor baby, poor mama. HUGS! Your doing an awesome job.

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