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January 27, 2008



We are lucky women to know you Korin. C, I wish you a long and peaceful pregnancy with the joy of holding your beautiful, healthy babe in 38ish weeks.


you know, i'm not a weeper, but i read the first sentence and had to walk away for a bit. whew. i had to be ready with the kleenex for this post.

i just don't even have words for how thankful i am to have you in my life, on my side, in my corner. i love you. thank you for this amazing and generous gesture, friend.


so sweet. How can this fail? There is too much love and anticipation encircling it. We need to start thinking about baby gifties to make. ;)


Amazing to read this more than 3 years later, when I didn't know any of you back then. Tears are flowing.

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