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September 07, 2007



Oh what a cute little monkey! I also LOVE the fall.


I love your backyard pumpkin patch! Also can't wait for fall. :)


I'm so excited for fall, too! It's apple picking, cider drinking, apple doughnut eating season!

I'm also very envious of your pumpkin patch! And the two kinds of pumpkins in it. ;)


I am so excited for the fall too. I love the sunflowers ans Ruby looks so cute putting on the sweater that does not fit-I know because Max has a HUGE head, hehehe. Yummy Pumpkins in the garden, cider, apples, warm fires, the cool smeel in the air.


We must be from the same-ish hometown area. I'm from the hot and windy So Cal desert.

I love fall. Can't wait til we get there. As you know, its probably going to be awhile..


ooooh, Korin, I'm so glad you have this blog. I admit, I couldn't keep up with the logging in (as much as I :heart: those Ruby cheeks) I've put you in my bloglines straight away. Catching up will be lovely a great way to de-stress for five minutes when work gets too gnarly..... I can't believe it's been a year, and how big she is!
And hugs to you on your uncle. :squeeze:

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