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February 15, 2007



Ooh, it pains me that you are getting rid of so many kitchen things! I wish I lived closer! Really though, I'd love to declutter here too, but my kitchen is one place that will never happen. I can justify that by how much time I spend in it though... the do dads that are hanging around, those could definitely be "decluttered". Thanks for the inspiration.


It is fun isn't it? This weekend I am gonna do a deep purge on my clothing. :) Gary took all 92 items to Goodwill today. And I am thrilled to pieces that they are gone. I would like to find 10 items today and get rid of them...get us over 100.:)


Every household needs a mug for each member of the family and a couple extra for company.
THAT'S ALL!!!! (now convince your father)...


Wow! Go mama, go! I've fallen off the decluttering wagon this week, but I think you might have inspired a little weekend decluttering spree ;-)

I was amazed when I went through our kitchen cabinets how many doubles of things we don't even use in the first place that we. Or how many drinking glasses we had ... like everyone we know could have come over for a glass of water at the same time and we'd have a cup for them all LOL

Best Wishes!


Good work! I haven't been doing the decluttering challenge, but you're certainly getting me motivated to do so. That, and when the power went out last week and DH was home w/ the baby, he couldn't find the candles... because they were in 3 different places.


it's going so well for you! congrats on that. Now, if only I could get beyond the clothing madness here...

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