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May 27, 2009



I have been, and will continue to hope for a sibling for Ruby, a new baby for you and Ryan . . . I am sorry that it is so hard, that you have to go through so much. You are a wonderful mama and a great friend.

Savannah Mayfield

Thank you for this tender glimpse into your heart. You are such an awesome mama and woman.


*sniffle* She's lucky to have you.

Carol Gray

Thank you for writing. I bow down to you.

Megan D

You are both blessed to have each other. I do hope that you get to experience pregnancy and motherhood again though.


I LOVE this line:
"And your heart cracks wide open and things pour into it and spill out of it that you never imagined were possible. "

I will think good thoughts for you and your family.


oh my. i absolutely commend you for your fight. thank you so much for helping me understand a little better your emotional (and physical--oy!) struggle with IVF. i think you are a fabulous woman and i am happy to know you. xoxo.


I sit here with the babe snoozing on my lap, tears fill my eyes, and I am so grateful we both got so damn lucky. I hope with all my heart that your dream of another baby to fill your belly and bless your lives comes to fruition.


Thank you for opening up and sharing. I learn so much from you and hope for another baby for you.


Thank you for sharing, Korin. You are an amazing mama. Hoping that things go well for you this round- I can't imagine going through all this... yet I totally understand it. LOVE to you.

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