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July 25, 2007



oh, my stars this post was totally worth the wait! cuteness galore! :-)

One ... wow ... I don't have words, but I know you know the love that's felt (( hugs )) ONE.

Okay, secret bunny is not only a totally genius idea, but the kind of thing I see the birthday girl carrying on with little birthday kiddos of her own someday. Precious!

Much love to you and yours, sweet crafty creative mama!

(PS - I'd say we're at about a 90% Compact right now ourselves ... but you should be mighty proud of the birthday gifts and of shopping locally and with a conscience. That's inspiring!)

Best Wishes!


Wow, Ruby's a year old! How crazy is that!

Good to "hear" from you. I hope that you can find the right balance. It seems like being a mom means that something is always being a bit neglected. Go with it.

Moving work home hopefully will help. Blogging friends help too, so keep it up!


agreeing with Kara! That post was edible!

I can't wait to see those wee shoes in your own etsy shop! YAY!


The bunny is such a cute idea!! Your little one is so cute!


I see you know all about Etsy. Probably knew about it before I did! :) I am so glad to find this blog again!!!!!


Hi! I randomly chanced upon this place, so decided to leave a comment. The bunny is so sweet! =)

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